10 PM Stem Cell Replacement Blog: Finding my cure for leukemia and a lot of surprises.

It seems that every day I feel a little bit better, in some way or another and, at the same time, I find myself exhibiting a new or unexpected symptom of graft versus host disease. Or, at least I think it is. Symptoms vary so much.

Didn’t have to go into the hospital today. Slept in. Forgot to eat breakfast and lunch. More than made up for it at dinner. About four nights a week we eat dinner at the”main” house. We get fed sumptuously. Stopped eating in the hospital. Since I’ve been here, I haven’t stopped eating. I enjoy the people. Their stories are fascinating. It makes me realize just how fortunate I have been.

At the end of each day, no matter how it goes, we get to lock ourselves away in our apartment where we have peace and quiet. That’s a special blessing. More than enough comfortable space in which to rest and relax. I feel rested for the first time since I left the hospital.

Wish I had more to say tonight but I don’t. I think I’ll go to bed and get some rest. So, my apologies. Time to go to bed.

More tomorrow!

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