10 pm Stem Cell Transplant Blog: It’s one day at a time. Two steps forward one step back. Not an easy path!

The Kevin Guest House is a wonderful place to stay. We’re very happy that we were fortunate enough to find it. Being the occupant of an upstairs Victorian apartment is stretching me. I’m barely strong enough to get around it because of my month or so of relative inactivity. At the least, it’s helping me to get my strength back quickly or I wouldn’t be able to get into the house and out and about on a regular basis.

The activity is forcing me to eat because I now have the need for the energy. That’s helping me too. Being active is letting me get tired enough to sleep normally. That part of it is working out well. These are probably the most important things that needed to happen to me in order to become healthy again. Now if I can avoid getting sick, it should go well for me.

I finally figured out that I shouldn’t be eating with the other residents because it amounts to too much contact with other people while my resistance is low. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me earlier when it should have been obvious. I have a feeling that my doctor is going to be telling me that tomorrow. They decided that they wanted to have a meeting with them tomorrow. We’ll see. I don’t want to have to go through another recovery again. I definitely think that I’ve been weakening my immune system. I’ve got to do better.

Going back to the topic of having a blog. I’m going to have to reconsider doing it again. I know that I ought to be setting it up in such a way as to increase interest. However, I’m finding myself so weak (and pushing so hard so much of the time) that I simply let it all out in a massive jumble of thoughts and emotions (most of which are presented in such a way) that it would only interest me. Thinking clearly is still a real problem for me.

So I’m going to think it over again and try to make a final decision.

More Tomorrow!

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