10 pm Stem Cell Transplant Blog: On the outside, the blog and the healing continue in a really nice apartment .

Made it out! Had another casualty. My wireless keyboard quit. Gonna have to get another one. To go along with the second monitor. And the wireless trackball.  First, I’ll have to spend enough time on the outside to know how to go somewhere and get back home again. Spent on hour looking for a drug store today so that I could replace the batteries in the keyboard. Not the problem nor do I have any idea what is.  Depending on what the problem is or isn’t. It’s frustrating have to spend money on this stuff at a time like this.

This place where we’re living is so unbelievably nice. It’s a Victorian beauty updated so very carefully. So much better a place to be than the hospital. From hospital to heavenly atmosphere! This place is called the Kevin Guest House. It’s the very first hospitality “guest house” for hospitals in the United States. Today, it’s a series of several buildings where relatives can visit hospitalized family members for the short or the long term, depending on their situation. Payment is according to ability. We’re staying is a special stem cell transplant section consisting of 4 apartments. Most of us will be here for 3 to 4 months waiting our release back into the world! They’re performing a great service and we are certainly very grateful  for their efforts.

Beginning to eat again, finally. Feeling better. Looking forward to better days to come!

More tomorrow!

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