10 PM Stem Cell Replacement Transplant Blog. Watching every blast being replaced by new stem cells! Beginnings of a new life!

Huge numbers of WBC  (now 7.09) were created last night. My WBC is now above normal. My ANC jumped to 6.17, which i believe is also high. Didn’t even know those know those kinds of advances were possible for a single day! Now if only my appetite and desire to work out would come back. Now I can believe that I’ll be going soon! Doctor’s are talking about Monday.

Had trouble sleeping again last night but I don’t know why? This brain activity falls somewhere between mild hallucination and nightmares. meanwhile these days grind on but very slowly.

Funny, though, whenever I have a good day, I assume that it will continue. But it doesn’t. Only the painful days seem to do that. They endure and have a life of their own. It’s not such much that I’m in a state of pain but in a constant state of confusion not quite being able to orient myself to what is happening around me. I don’t know why this is going on at all or how long I should expect it to continue.

I’m watching that beautiful weather continue on the outside. Hope it lasts long enough for me to get out there and enjoy it!

I do enjoy getting to take showers without having to be tethered to a pole. It’s one of those little perks in life that you never knew was important until that day came where you weren’t permitted  to do it anymore. Cooking with fresh ingredients are another simple pleasures you didn’t think were important to you.

Looking for strength and not finding it! My vitality, in terms of blood chemistry, has largely returned. My physical strength has not. There seems to be some sort of a trick to it. I know that to some extent I need to “force” it. And, by that, it means to push myself physically. That used to come naturally. Doesn’t appear to happen that way anymore.

These days are wearing on me. I’ll be glad when they’re over. I hope that it is soon.

Hopefully, more tomorrow!


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