10 PM Stem Cell Replacement Transplant Blog. Replacing leukemia one healthy stem cell at a time!

Another day passing by me in a blur in front of the reviewing stands. Haven’t been able to focus on anything clearly for the entire day.  Days like this are very troubling because, in the back of your mind, you can’t help but wonder if they will ever end? Who and what am I? It reminds me of those fever-filled days as a child where you couldn’t really think. All things feel both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

I do need sleep! No doubt about that! I’d give a lot to be done with all of this! The weather has been nice. The sun has shown all day with a few clouds hanging in the background.

I want to have my life come back more into focus that this! Stayed close to home all day. Don’t know why. Just walked 1/2 mile. Feel much better now! Don’t know why it works this way?

My blood numbers came back a long way today. White Blood Cells at 4.01 and I believe my the ANC was at 2.73. Just to know what to do in terms of those alone!  Once those numbers become predictable, may of these strange symptoms will simply be in the past!

I want to get out of here so badly that I have difficulty in describing it. To have freedom commensurate with my strength will be w wonderful thing! Good night all!

More tomorrow!

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