Stem Cell Transplant Blog, 09/21/15. Day +25. Improving 1 stem cell at a time !

What happens today will determine when I’ll be leaving the hospital. As we closed down, the house, I thought it was more or less set in stone but not so with the hospital. They look at it very differently. Everything is conditional and they hold those decisions to be their own right up until the last possible moment. So we don’t know what’s going on yet but I should leave here around the middle of the week.

The weather is good out there. I hope to get outside while I can still enjoy it. Plus, my wife will be coming up to live with me for 90 to 100 days and my younger son will help her bring our belongings up here. At least it will be a distraction from what I’ve been doing here.

Boy, was I wrong!I won’t be getting out for at least a week. Lynne had everything done and ready to go, but fortunately hadn’t left home yet when I called her at about 12:30 pm to tell her that my release wouldn’t be coming. I thought it would be worse but she took it better than I did!

This mistake, and the casualness with which it was done, is, perhaps, the most offensive thing that has happened to me in the last year of hospital visits, treatments and therapy. It’s going to take me awhile to get over this! The crisis and the emotions surrounding this have erased any sense of personal progress that I felt prior to this because I know I’m not handling it well.

The apartment has two small bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room as I remember it. Probably has a small living room as well along with a tiny washer-dryer room set up. It’s more than minimal and that’s not shabby.

I can see the importance of writing down dreams and inspiration as quickly as possible. When I haven’t, as in this case, they start to fade quickly. Dreams are deep in symbolism which is usually most obvious during the the first 24 hours. Waited way too long in this case. In spite of that, there are still impressions that can be gleaned from it! There are times when dreams may be of great importance and other times when they’re not. In order to carry any information that’s useful, they’re always deeply symbolic.

In this dream about the transplant, it took place was a little bit later than the last one. Maybe a week or two had passed. All production had ceased. Nothing was going on. So, we decided to assess exactly what was happening. There didn’t appear to be much, if any, damage to production facilities. The workers had simply left and hadn’t come back. While we were making this assessment, there was a commotion. Another group had entered the facility from another direction. Rather than confront them directly, we decided to simply leave. We didn’t know who or what we were dealing with at that point. We made plans to come back again within a day or two to get started.

More Later!

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