10 PM Stem cell replacement blog, Day + 24. Getting ready to leave the hospital. (Going home comes later)

It’s a new day, but very early in it. Couldn’t sleep because there was far too much pain surrounding the face mask for my CPAP.  And I was so tired! I’m thinking that my skin may be the main expression for my host versus graft disease. If so, I hope to be able to find work arounds for the obvious problems like this!

It’s almost 5am. It’s the time that the hospital starts to come alive to meet the next day’s labors. I need to sleep more. They’re coming in to take blood and infuse me.

Now I can see that I really don’t know if I’ll be getting out of here on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. We already hit the switch and we’re moving forward. This may end up being very inconvenient. I hope not. This sudden move towards discharge came as a shock and a surprise to me.

Never could find those dreams that I wrote up. I’ll try doing them again.

Some time had passed since the transplant, probably one or two days. We were walking in an almost deserted landscape. There was a family in front of me nervously looking around an abandoned vehicle. They had a couple of young guys with them whom I could only describe as military or enforcer types. They were very nervous about something (or someone) in front of them. They didn’t say much to me but they were displeased by my presence with them.

Looking at them, I could see that they were well-established middle class type people. Ironically, they were living in a starter home, below their station in life. After watching the street for awhile, they went back to their home. I went with them.

That’s when their frustration with me exploded. The homeowner, a fairly big guy, came over to threaten me. After he was done, one of the young “security types” came over to make a similar impression. He even tried a couple of moves on me to impress me with his prowess as a fighter. I wasn’t impressed. Even though there were two of them (and I’m 69) I had the feeling that I might be able to take both of them. Remember, this was a dream! So I left, with the knowledge that I wasn’t ever supposed to come back but I didn’t feel very intimidated.

So much for that dream. Now we’ll get to see what today brings. I have my morning blood counts already. My WBC is at 2.56. That’s not shabby.My absolute neutrophils was 1.89. It had to be at 1.75, at the very least for me to be eligible to come home (get out of the hospital) on Tuesday.Looks as though this is going to happen.

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