10 pm Stem Cell Transplant Blog: +Day 22, Replacing my Leukemia With Stem Cells 1 cell at a time!

It was beautiful this morning to watch the sun come up! Unfortunately, early morning comes with a price and that is a sleep deficit for the night. I’m tired again today. Wish there was an easier way to do all of this. I live in this fog from lack of sleep about half the time, oftentimes due to circumstances beyond my control!

The nurses’ understanding of my sleep problems is limited. It’s no longer ordinary apnea. In my humble opinion, I really didn’t need to have this problem now! Apparently, I require more care for my apnea now than most patients. For most patients a CPAP is sufficient. That’s no longer true for me. I need additional monitoring or I may not wake up to begin to breathe again.

My blood chemistry improved slightly on it’s own again last night! I’m definitely in the healing process. Now they’re going to begin to stimulate the production of white blood cells. I’m looking forward to it.

I wanted to get back into the “meat” of stem cell transplants again but, to do that, I have to have clarity of thought. To have clarity of thought, I need to be able to sleep at night. With a little more sleep, I should do much better.

My primary goals are very simple. I want to see both of my boys married and married wisely and well. I want to have an influence in their lives for the better. I want to know all of my grand children. I would like to see my wife develop her considerable talents. I want her to be able to concentrate as much of her time on her family as she desires to.

Next I have desires to develop my writing talents fully. I stopped writing at about the age of 15. Got back into it at about the age of 65. I want to do all I can do with it. I may have more of a gift than I realized when I so casually decided to pass it by in favor of other things which were of lesser importance.

Finally, I’d like to make a difference in the world. First, I’d like to see a comprehensive immigration reform bill that makes a fundamental difference for the people most affected and a positive impact on this country. Secondly, I want to see the Tea Party stranglehold on meaningful political activity in this country completely broken. I’m neither against true conservative politics nor liberal ideas but I am opposed to recklessly destroying our government which, in spite of all of its defects, still has the best constitution in the world.

More tomorrow!

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