10 pm Stem Cell Transplant Blog: +Day 21, Replacing your Leukemia With Stem Cells 1 cell at a time!

Hallelujah! My white cells are back (of their own free will and choice!). The circle is closed. The process appears to be complete! While this is all true (and good), it’s only on the most fundamental level.

I have cells but we have yet to determine who they originally belonged to. Were they mine? Did they somehow survive the bone marrow apocalypse? Did they belong to my 26 year old donor? (by the way, thank you!). Right now they are still so fragile that they could be wiped out in a single bad day! But today is a day for rejoicing.  Some of them survived and are repopulating my bone marrow! It’s a day for hope, for calm, for restoration!

I apologize for my periodic absence. My strength is very minimal. At times I can sit at this computer for 8 or 9 hours and produce 1 or 2 short paragraphs of very poorly written material. Today I’ve been stronger but I’m still weak compared to almost everyone else. In spite of all this, I was able to complete a reasonable amount of work today. For the moment, at least, my business accounts are in reasonable shape and the responses that I’m getting are adequate for the current situation. On the other hand, I’ve been forced to neglect my personal and political accounts have suffered the worst. I take them very seriously. I had to make a choice and those were the results. I would that it could have been different!

I have a strong need to research the science of social media and social medial marketing. I think much of the glitzy (and impressive) productions you see out there miss the mark. Or, it could be, that I’m so far out of touch that my personal preferences don’t even come close to mirroring reality! Sometimes you just don’t know but my gut feeling keeps telling me otherwise.

Man! Do I get sidetracked easily. Back to the leukemia! I’m very thankful to be alive. Although I’m not a positive person by nature, I never really thought that it was going to kill me. This was at the same time I was receiving all kinds of horrible news about it! Strange, isn’t it?

And, as it turned out tonight, I waited too late to work on this and my body and mind just crashed. I know I promised to write some more on dreams. I did. I promptly misplaced the file. I’ll keep looking for it tomorrow or I’ll try to rewrite both pieces. I hope what I’ve written is sufficient for one night.

More Tomorrow!


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