Transplant Blog: 15-Day 10 What a way to start, the wrong dates for the last several days! How?

The actual date for the blog, regardless of what the title says, is the date circled in the blog.

My title reflects my frustration with what the medical community calls “chemo-brain”. It’s pretty obvious that I have the problem (especially as I look at the editing quality of previous posts)!

In a few ways I have an exceptional memory. In many ways a decent one. And, in some other ways it’s as though I have none whatsoever. Frustrating! Now what were we talking about anyway? No, it’s not quite that bad either.

So, here I am pretending to be a blogger again. I know I’m a writer. I have ample proof of that. Blogging is another matter. I appear to “peter out” in the followup. It’s a little too personal and I’m required to stay “on subject” for days on end. We’ll see just how well I’m able to do that!

Learned something disturbing yesterday. My hair’s falling out again! It was bad enough the first time. My hair was pure white the first time when it fell out. It came back multi-colored with brown and red being pre-eminent. Will I get something different this time? Need to shave my beard and my head again. Finally, I just decided to shave my beard! Don’t like the way it looks but at least 1t’s consistent without patches missing here and there!

Ironically, I look quite a bit older without the beard (in my opinion). Don’t look a bit over 85 with a beard!

Tomorrow should be a little bit more interesting. I want to talk about PAIN and about DREAMS that I had around the time I received the transplants.


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