Transplant Blog: 11-12

The mystical: Beginning and end of life. Where does one begin and the other end? And we know this for certain how?

It’s not my intention to deal with such imponderables as these. I’d rather deal with the intersection of everyday life with them. In other words like now: I just found out that my best friend while growing up had died! Why is that important? It just is!

Although we lived all over the country at one time or another, when he died he lived within 50 miles of my home! What a pity! Death, the great equalizer!

While some people believe the guy with the most toys when you die, wins! I think most of us see beyond this too!

Life is so precious. To think we lived our whole lives (after 40 yrs. of age) without even speaking to one another!

Joe was 3 months younger than me. He had a good career as an architect. Before that, during Vietnam, he was a Marine who had the good fortune of sitting the war out in Hawaii. He had some interesting stories about Hawaii! He never married. Don’t know how close he ever got to it. From what I saw of it, probably not too close! But, we never took the time to find out. Sad!

The last couple of days were mixed reviews. I can see definite changes coming that will really impact my circumstances here! Although I’ve been disappointed twice, I sill suspect I’ll see an upward bump in the white blood cells in the next couple of days. Looking forward to it. Don’t want to be disappointed again! Close enough to the changes to be disappointed if they don’t come right away!

Keeping this blog undated on a daily basis is going to be difficult because of my constantly changing circumstances. It’ll be a quite a challenge but I’ll try to accomplish it! In terms of my health, I’m doing well. I’m looking forward to getting some control back over my life. Don’t know when or how that’ll happen. Birthday plus 12. I’ve been here for 19 days. There’s no change now that would be too soon!

Hasta la vista,
Tal vez,
Hasta Las Vegas,
O cualquier lugar asi!

Un mundo nuevo,
Hasta que la viera,
Otra vez,
Hasta nuevo,

Me entiendes?
Ojala que manana,
Me muestre algo de nuevo
Como pasar la tarde contigo!

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