Transplant Blog: +8

This is the first day where I’ve had the time and the energy to work on the blog before it was due. When you look back on a day about which you plan on commenting, what you choose to be important depends as much on how hard it it to write as to how important it is.

You want everything you say to have real value but then there is the very human part of not wanting to exert yourself anymore than you have to. There’s always something else, even here, that demands (or more gently asks) your attention.

My father also was a writer who, like me, quixotically, found it very difficult to write. Perhaps having a blog which I hope to put out periodically will help me find the discipline that I need to have?

It has been a relatively serene day today except that I managed to fulfill unbucket list item 10 (oh, the joys of gastric distress!).

Life goes on,
(Or so they say),
I really wouldn’t have it any other way!
There’s that eagerness to live,

That joy of living,
Which connects very well
With a desire to give,
Things both large and equally small

I’ll delve into one background item today:


With the agreement of Dr. Poeiz, Head of Oncology I was admitted to the hospital after a brief exam. Things weren’t looking good at all. My body was really stressed. I believe that the platelets had fallen to 2k.

Ironically, my mind was fully engaged? I was laughing, joking and interacting appropriately (but unexpectedly) with the hospital staff. University Hospital is a teaching hospital so that I was surrounded by 10 to 15 students, doctors, interns, fellows, etc. at all times during the initial admitting process.

Sometime after that process, as I was being admitted, and joking with a nurse, she looked at me and said: “You know, you look much better in person than you do on paper!”

For all intents and purposes, my platelet count then was essentially zero! As far as she was concerned, she was looking at the case file of a dying person and joking with him! When I looked at her, that’s when I realized just how sick I had become.

More Tomorrow?

3 thoughts on “Transplant Blog: +8

  1. You’re my hero! I put your name on the prayer roll at the San Diego Temple last night, though, just in case. Let’s hope that today’s win over Nebraska is a good omen!.

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