Transplant Blog: Day 8:

Not too much happened today. The day is ending and I’ve just barely had time to write these few words. I think today may have been the day that the corner was turned! It was a very hard day but it felt different. After this morning much less emphasis on diuretics and fluid in the lungs.

Got out of bed this morning with alarms ringing in my ears. Two staff members rushed into the room as though we were in the middle of a fire drill. All of that came totally without warning! They were telling me to get back into bed, etc. because of this danger and that. I was the last person to find out about these protocols again. Needless to say, I lost it. This only brought about a stronger response and more confusion and ill will. Initially, wasn’t permitted to do even the things I was doing the night before as far as getting out of bed and moving around was concerned. Very tense morning.

That was followed, in seeminngly reduced amounts, with additional diurectecs. Communications and emotions were gradually cleared up through the day. Even though I was restricted to my room, I did some physical exercise today. Lungs are definitely improving too. However, the movement restrictions did lead to one unfortunate event, (Or #9 on the unbucket list). They had me tethered and blocked in in so many ways when I had to go it was standing in place in front of two or three nurses.

The final difficulty of the day was getting two stitches to my external line (in my neck) without any kind of aneasthesia. While it definitely was uncomfortable, it was also doable. That increased my internal confidence in my ability to deal with that kind of pain.

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