Transplant Blog: 7

Here I am 7 days into my new life. Nothing, so far, has worked out the way that I would have projected it to. This day was another “rocky road”. Continuing from yesterday, the medical staff has been a constant struggle to keep the fluid levels up (immensely high) and, at the same time lower them to safe levels.It’s a “catch 22” of their own making but, nevertheless, one which may be necessary for my survival. These have been tough days!

Feeling better again tonight. Signs indicate that the situation is gradually improving. They’re no longer giving me medication to expel fluids and the nausea and the hacking cough is diminishing. Looking forward to a better tomorrow! This fight is turning out to be exactly the fight that I was expected it to be. Not a fight that I really wanted to have to fight! I’m doing what I have to do to survive but not always at first request!

Ordinarily, I’d write more background but tonight I just don’t feel up to it. More tomorrow!

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