Wasn’t being lazy,
Discomfort driving me crazy!
Almost took me to the ICU?
That’s something that I’d rather not do!

Anyway, better today,
(Not yet ready to rock and roll)!
But I can write a bit,
And have some idea of what to say!

Won’t be writing a great deal today. Haven’t eaten and my mind’s not clear. I’m sure the chemo didn’t help but neither did all the “safeguards” put in place. The lasiks caused diarrhea, urgent urination, and nausea. The nausea caused pain, vomiting, and other stuff. Eating caused all of the above so I’ve done very little. I’m hoping not to experience anything that severe again but I know better that to count on it.

According to the stats, I have about a 70% chance of surviving the process, and according to my doctor about a 50% chance of a total recovery. I’m relatively strong and healthy so I think my prospects are good.

In some ways, the first four days last September, stand out very clearly. I had no idea that I was sick. Other than being a little bit tired, I didn’t notice any symptoms.

The only reason that I’m alive today is that I had an appointment for a periodic checkup. If it had not been for that, the leukemia would never have been discovered in time to save my life.

Still wasn’t admitted to my leukemia hospital by Wednesday morning. Platelet levels were around 8k and dropping. I was just beginning to feel physically stressed. And, I was beginning to feel concerned. It was hard to believe that, if, I had leukemia, it wouldn’t be a more critical issue than a respiratory infection?

During this entire period my doctor, Jason While, had been actively campaigning to get me transferred down to Upstate University. He was able to enlist the head of Oncology, Dr. Bernard Poentiz to get me admitted.

An arrangement was finally made where I would check myself out of Samaritan, travel to Syracuse (a journey of 70 miles), where Dr. Poeintz would examine me and admit me to the Oncology Ward (where he is the Director). When this took place, my platelet levels were at approximately 2k.

It’s obvious to me, that something there was that definitely wanted me dead but that, even more strongly, there was a force at work keeping me alive in spite of the difficulty and the unlikely circumstances. Once I later learned the extremity of the situation (and how many different ways I could have died), I came to have no doubt but that my life was preserved!

More tomorrow (hopefully)?

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