Transplant+1 Blog

This is a very emotional blog for me to write. I’m locked up inside myself about it. Never had a more terrifying or awe-inspiring set of experiences in my life. I said I’d write it, so I’ll try.


Received my bone marrow transplant yesterday. Technically a “rebirth”. Took all of about half an hour. I had some strange “dreams” during the process and for the next couple of hours which someday I may choose to elaborate on. Other than that, there were no side effects. It wasn’t a bad day.

Today, the second day of my new life, I feel almost normal except for the residual effects of the prior days of intensive chemotherapy and the accompanying unremitting diarrhea. Ate a little bit for the first time in two days. Then I worked out. Walked a mile. Went up and down the four step exercise “stairs” 25 times. Still feel clear-headed and reasonably strong. In the last 11 months of chemotherapy (and 10 hospitalizations), I’ve found that I can go without eating much for about 5 days and not feel much loss of strength (or so it seems to me).

Looking at what I’ve written so far, I realized that, sometimes, the best place to start is at the beginning. I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest recap of my life since leukemia (last September).

Starting tomorrow

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