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Today’s the third day of my new life or Transplant + 2. It was a good day. I’m very tired but I’ve had a full and active day. Played with my Twitter accounts and did a little bit of work. Felt good about the day but wanted to spend more time reflecting on this blog. I find that I’m still trying to avoid it.

The first 5 days prior to transplant were as difficult as any in my life. Very traumatizing (as I expected them to be). Transplant day and beyond have been such a relief! In 10 to 12 days graft vs. host disease will probably start to kick in and this may be a totally different story. Right now, my biggest concern is simply staying alive with white blood counts approaching zero. It should only take a day or two for that to happen. After that, and maybe before, there will be platelet and whole blood transfusions. I’m also filled with anti-bacterials and anti-viral medication and various supplements and hydration. None of that’s too interesting.

Yesterday was my first blog Transplant +1. Got zero response which was disappointing because it will be hard to keep writing this without some outside motivation to push me. Too many demons. I’m alive. Don’t feel I deserve it. So much serendipity, and I know it!

I’m still not eating anything besides protein drinks and the diarrhea continues but with less intensity. Walked my mile again and went up and down my four step stepper 25 times. I admit I was tired.

But I want to go back to the beginning of my leukemia for awhile. It was the middle of September 2014. There were subtle changes in my health in the first two weeks of September. I hardly noticed them as I pursued my everyday passions. Besides, I had no idea that I might have been sick!

Ironically, in spite of minor injuries, I had just completed my “bucket list” of hills to climb on my bike about two weeks prior to diagnosis. Then the weather got bad (as it often does around here) for about a week. So, I didn’t ride my bike. The following week was better but I found myself hesitant to ride. Couldn’t explain it. Just didn’t feel up to the hard rides that I normally take in September, and, for which, my “bucket list” rides had me prepared.

Feeling a little bit tired all the time, I awoke one morning with traces of blood on one nostril, the corner of my lip and dried blood on one knuckle. There were just trace amounts and I tried to puzzle my way through this occurrence. I couldn’t. Didn’t happen again so I passed it off.

Began to find myself straining at mild physical exertion. Normally, I’m pretty active but I started to rationalize avoiding physical activity.

It had been a difficult bike riding season for me because of a number of minor injuries. It had taken me all summer to reach my minimum performance goals. My conditioning should have been better than what it was. I was ready to go ahead, but just couldn’t make myself do it. Felt like a slacker!

More tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Transplant + 2 Blog

    • How is “Night Nurse Nancy” and the rest of the 10 H crew? This is a new experience but only in its intensity. I’ve had individual days before that were as intense (or nearly so) but here they keep up the tempo so much longer. Wish I were stronger! Thank you guys for everything! I’ll have to write you the first chance I get!

    • In spite of the fact that this is my blog, I’m not entirely certain how to use all of the bells and whistles!

      There are times when the experience was more difficult and compelling but that wasn’t consistent. They are definitely better organized but thats not always to their advantage. The experience is more disciplined but not necessarily any healthier.

  1. I’m eating bonbons since I don’t have to keep running into the “Goewey Suite” to silence alarms!! Ha-ha!! We miss you so keep writing!

    • Ah, the Goewey suite, life was so much easier then! Lat two days were pretty bad, Lasik! How I hate that! How about a silly poem?

      Night nurse Nancy,
      Likes her shoes fancy,
      And her whiskey neat!
      Adding those things up,
      Do they make her life complete?
      That comes from the service,
      That sometimes makes her nervous,
      And with family and friends so sweet!

    • This fits right in with my next hit song, Mothers don’t let you children grow up to be leuemiacs!

      Better maniacs,
      Or power vacs,
      Even Republican Super Pacs!

      Just not leukemiacs!

      No future in that!

      ACk! AcK!

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