Lab Coats and Stethoscopes

Lab Coats and Stethoscopes,
Interns on the prowl
Lab Coats and Stethoscopes,
See their nurses howl!

Watching them experiment,
It’s evident, they’re learning on the run!
Some for love and othes for money
A few just having fun!

Nurses heed the commands,
Of their future leaders,
Patiently responding to the demands,
Of these prospective world-beaters!

The heroes of tomorrow,
Are the students on this day,
Learning, among other things,
Humility along the way!

Lab coats and stethoscopes
Giving their commands,
Being coaxed on by their nurses,
To try a more balanced treatment plan!

Lab coats and stethoscopes,
And so the story goes,
A tale of continual progression
Is what the results will show


Copyright: All rights reserved

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