Birthday Wishes!

At 68
Life is great!
As long as you don’t stop,
Or ever hesitate!
Because if you do)
You’ll be feeling the fool!
Asleep you’ll be
Even when playing on the Wii!
With little time
Between the naps!
The day went by quickly
While listening to birthday greetings
From family and friends,
Written by Mr. Binkley!
(refer to Mork & Mindy)
You will remember
When you approach December
Many memories from May to September
And you’ll say with such joy
I remember when I was a boy….
And everyone else will roll their eyes
And try to disguise their reluctant sighs!
Well, at any rate
Thanks a bunch!
Well, now it’s time for lunch
Or is it brunch?
Well, does it really matter?
It’s just my fate,
Whatever I eat,
I’ll  only be getting  fatter!
Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes!

    • Thank you! Although the feelings are real, I don’t know exactly why I published it. Certainly not polished. Similar to the “Words came back” but not as well-developed!

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