We all have hopes and dreams,

Reflected by our plans and schemes!

And a God whose plans are crafted for us above,

Showing us He cares and how much he loves.

Of which we choose to be impatiently unaware,

Looking for prospects that appear more fair!

Eager to test, to sample and to try,

We want it all  but we don’t know why?

We don’t hear and we choose not to listen,

Never understanding the contradiction.

That in order to listen we first must hear,

To know the direction that we ought to steer!

In this life there are many voices,

Presenting us with so many choices!

The best of which can only be measured,

In terms of how much our happiness is treasured!

We need to learn to follow that quiet voice,

That always presents us with our best choice!

So that our progress can be the most,

Before we’re required to give up the ghost!

CHAPTER II  (still a-writing)

A second chapter,

Hardly comprehended?

But intervention acknowledged!

But not thoroughly understood?

Three times I was called to task,

By an entity with power to deliver

No power to prevent it

At such a dark time,

When all seemed lost,

And while tempest tossed,

There was an intervention

And these purposes prevented

As though,

They did not exist

Or had no power to thwart me

To count me as coup in those times!

A voice saying not now,

Forbear, no need to rush,

There are yet more arrangements to be made,

And deeds to be counted.

All needs to be weighed,

In the measure of eternity.

The rest is irrelevant,

None other measure matters!

You have questions?

The management would be happy to oblige,

If there’s a judgement,

Such an appeal shall be made with zeal!

All accounts must be reconciled,

And audited as well!

Whether by the powers of earth, or heaven, or hell;

All our actions will be known for what they are!

And, as always, the truth will out,

To our shame or our glory!

That’s the end of this chapter

And the conclusion of this story.

(For now!)

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