Game Day: Scorecard

The world is the proving ground of souls.
Demanding that we choose our roles!
An imperfect furnace for our afflictions.
Revealing all of our strong convictions!
Purity of purpose,
Attracts us to the light.
While gifting us with far sight,
And much greater clarity for certain!
And, we, by suffering refined,
Are by conflict defined.
Through opposition prepared,
From no pains are we spared!
While seeking the right,
We do what is wrong.
We wish to be good,
We want to be strong!
We acquire and we lose,
We struggle and we choose;
Finally, all we win through our labors,
Is then be bequeathed on our neighbors.
We forget why we’re here,
To elect who we’ll be.
Overcome by the fear,
We are confused by what we see!
We forget our own souls,
That we’re here for our goals!
Only discovered by struggle,
And revealed through our troubles and labor.

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