TO TWEET OR TO BLOG: That is the question!

I’m relatively new to twitter and I’ve been blogging for just a short while. I think that I figured out a way to decide whether I should blog or tweet on a subject.

This is why it’s an issue. Often, l find myself sending out repeated tweets, one after another, as part of a conversation that interests me (perhaps to the dismay of the other people who might be involved). On the other hand, most of my blogging attempts feel over-developed and lacking in spontaneity.

After thinking about this, I may have discovered a simple way  to decide whether I should blog or tweet.  The determining factor is this. If I need to send out more than a few tweets in a specific conversation, chances are that it would work better as a blog. That blog could always be used as an attachment to tweets on the subject. Twitter generally should be used to tweet about ideas that can be described adequately in just a few tweets.

Of course, there are problems with this approach. I tend to discover blogging topics while in the process of tweeting.  If I don’t begin the blog right away, I lose the spontaneity and creativity of the moment. Another issue is that once outside the conversation, it’s very difficult to find a forum to present your blog once you have it ready. Well, those are the thoughts. Now it’s time to try this out and see how well it works.

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