The Words Came Back

The cat came back the very next day.
Thought he was a goner but the cat came back.
The words came back but not the next day.
It was about 50 years that they stayed away.

Don’t know where they went.
Maybe not far.
Perhaps places I don’t go,
Like the neighborhood bar.

Possibly back alleys or jungle safaris
Convenience stores or quiet libraries
They’re not the same as when they went away
What would they have been like had they chosen to stay?

A few have  studied and learned lots of stuff
Others worked out and really got buff!
Some are lost souls whose outlook is hazy
While others there are who are just plain crazy.

A number are helpful and kind and good.
They’ll encourage you to do what you know that you should.
Why they came back is truly a mystery
Without knowing their entire fifty year history.

Perhaps a few are wanted in far distant lands,
Did they lose their minds or take radical stands?
Are they guilty of crimes of conviction or gossip or treason?
Without knowing it all I can’t give you the reason.

A few may have lived with the Whos down in Whoville,
Where they did Who standup in the Who Bar and Grill?
While I’m confused and that’s obviously the case,
The words have come back to give me some grace.

The words came back now that  I’m tired and I’m old,
Is there still a story that demands to be told?
Why me? I’m not Robert Frost or even Dr. Seuss,
When it comes down to it, I’m just plain old Bruce.

The words came back with some ideas that are new
I hope they don’t cause anyone to sue!
We’ll have to see why they’ve decided to stay,
And last but not least, we’ll see what they say.

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